Our company feels that septic tank risers should be installed on every tank with a depth of 18" or more. They can be installed either above the ground or just below the surface.

They eliminate virtually all the labor involved with pumping and maintaining the septic tank and promote regular maintenance.  

 You can mix and match many different parts to create just the right riser system for your tank.  

Septic Tank Risers

Above Ground Installation 

If your septic tank is in the back of the house or in an area where it is not visible, tank risers can be installed up through the surface making your system maintenance truly labor free. Our risers come with a gaskets built into the lids to keep the gases inside the tank. Regular septic tank lids require that they are at a depth of at least 6" to prevent gases from escaping. Our risers are 20"-24" in diameter to meet the current codes and still allow the tank to be properly and completely serviced. (In the photo below, we left one lid partially exposed to show how the lids attach.) 

Below the Surface Installation

Some septic tanks are right outside the front door or patio and often times in the lawn. Installation of tank risers just below the surface keeps them out of sight and still allows the grass to grow over top. This type of installation only requires the grass be peeled back and a very small amount of digging in order to access the lids. (In the photo below, this is a newly installed septic tank. When this installation is complete, the risers will be 6" below the surface and not visible.) 

In both types of installation, the cost of having the risers installed verses the cost of the labor to uncover them each time, not to mention the back breaking pain of doing it yourself, they will usually pay for themselves within 2 pumping services. 


In both the above ground and below surface installations, tank risers replace the existing tank lids. We also can install risers on plastic and fiberglass tanks using the appropriate adapters. Their purpose is to bring the access ports of the septic tank to the surface. They are concreted onto the septic tank itself both to strengthen and prevent roots from entering the septic tank and are constructed of a thick, strong, UV protected plastic.  

This type of riser, whether used above or below the surface is not traffic rated. There are other products on the market which are made to support the weight of a vehicle.